The Tinker and The Fold Trilogy

What would you do if you invented something that placed all of humanity at risk?

The Tinker and The Fold: The Problem with Solaris 3 is the story of Jett Joseph Javelin Junior, a high schooler, whose scientific tinkering raises the ire of The Fold, an extraterrestrial federation, tasked with keeping peace in the galaxy.

When The Fold comes to collect him, Jett’s life is thrown into chaos. From alien abductions, to life in Tower 100, and becoming a castaway on Lanedaar 3 and savior to the Boonans, to flooding the White House with Lanedaarian Bushbunnies that eat everything in sight, Jett’s adventure to save Earth from The Neutralization Protocol and integrate it into The Fold’s galactic order is fraught with peril and culminates in a rigged deal that leaves Jett cold.

Rise of The Boe continues Jett’s epic adventure as he battles the evil Eelshakian Hazbog whose own plans for the Quantum Swapper pose an existential threat to The Fold’s galactic order as he enlists the Boe in his campaign of conquest.

In The Javelin Divide, the thrilling conclusion to The Tinker and The Fold trilogy, old friends will reunite to battle ancient foes and uncover hidden truths while asking the question, is The Fold truly good?


Rich in characterization, plot, development, and humor, the story unfolds as a winner and is highly recommended not just for the young adult audience it’s intended for; but for many an adult sci-fi fan looking for the truly remarkable standout read that includes thought-provoking reflections on the nature of peace, collective consciousness, and ruling systems.
– Diane Donovan, Editor

[This] book is really good.

Clearly, this book’s creators love their work. It shows in the deep, compelling history of the world (and worlds) in which the story takes place…The story is sci-fi, mixed with some intense family drama. That’s an excellent setting for a heroic story.
– John Crow, Revolution SF

A rambunctious launch to a new series…The fleet narrative never has any dead spots and boasts a clever range of aliens of all shapes, sizes, and appendages. It also has just the right balance of tongue-in-cheek (when a life form happens to have a tongue or a cheek) and serious elements when it comes to pondering moral issues and dilemmas. There is, naturally, a cliffhanger finale to draw readers into the next installment.

Fun YA galactic romp that is not without its thoughtful side.

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The Tinker and The Fold: Part 3, The Javelin Divide

About the Authors

Evan Gordon

Evan Gordon is a high school student who spends his time writing producing, and performing live theater. In addition to The Tinker and The Fold series, Evan is co-author of Souvenirs, Not a High School Show. Evan’s writing is influenced by some of his favorite television shows, films and authors including: James Dashner, Brandon Sanderson, Rick Riordan, Rick Yancey, Star Wars, The Flash, and the ultimate, Doctor Who, for which he dreams of writing an episode.

Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon enjoys playing the ukulele, cartooning, blogging, keeping a vegetable garden, and attending ComicCons with his three kids. He also has helped thousands of consumers and businesses switch to clean renewable solar energy and is the author of Divorcing the Electric Company – Smart Solar for Homeowners. His writing influences include: J.R.R. Tolkien, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Benjamin Hoff, and Daniel Quinn. When not reading sci-fi, Scott enjoys Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, John Wooden, Simon Sinek, and Dan Kennedy.