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Our 727th Dad in the Limelight is author of father, Scott Gordon. I want to thank Scott Gordon for being a part of this series. It has been great getting connected with him and now sharing Scott Gordon with all of…

Laguna Niguel Father and Son Publish Second Science-Fiction Novel

Evan and Scott Gordon have spent countless Saturdays envisioning the universe for “The Tinker and the Fold,” a science-fiction book series chronicling the adventures of an eighth-grade inventor.

Thirteen-year-old Evan and his father, Scott, 44, brainstormed ideas for a book series on a car ride more than four years ago. The elder Gordon shared his decades-old idea for a book with his son and the two began creating what will soon become a trilogy.

Last month, the team published the second book in the series, titled “The Tinker and the Fold: The Rise of Boe.” It took them about a year to write the book, two years faster than what it took to complete the first one.

KX 93.5 Evan & Scott Gordon, Father & Son Novel Writing Team Interview

Scott Gordon had an idea for a sci-fi novel back when he was in college. Years later, now a father, he began talking with is 9 year old son about the story. They started writing together and their 2nd book just came out, to critical acclaim.