Dan Howard

Solarian reporter covering the news of Jett and The Fold.

Agent Smith

Secret Service agent charged with overseeing Jett.

Jett Joseph Javelin Junior

Jett Joseph Javelin Jr. is a teenage genius whose hair was turned blue in a Halloween costume mishap. He is a super nerd who just wants to get home after he’s abducted by The Fold. His favorite foods are lasagna and Dr. Pepper, preferably together.

Le Wa(Lee-Wah)

Le-Wa is an Aaptuuan Exploration/ Neutralization Officer for The Fold. He is nearly 19,000 years old and has been assigned to observe the planet Earth for the past 3,500 years.

Chi-Col(Chee Cole)

Le-Wa’s second in command for millennia, Chi-Col has neutralized his share of planets, though he is conflicted about the morality of it. Chi-Col is over 14,500 years old.

Tii-Eldii(Tee All Dee)

Tii-Eldii is a refugee from the Boonan neutralization that took place 100 years before the story. At over 7 feet tall, the tentacled Tii-Eldii was one of the pre-eminent scientists in his home world, and is a wise and loyal companion to Jett. He is now a refugee hiding on Lanedaar 3.

Nukii(New Key)

Nukii is a Lanedaarian Bush Bunny who became Tii-Eldii’s pet and later Jett’s faithful companion. Lanedaarian Bush Bunnies are fuzzy red herbivores with rapacious appetites that are apt to multiply out of control when the opportunity presents itself. These friendly creatures were inspired by Star Trek’s tribbles.


Bob is Jett’s interactive, Artifical Intelligence (AI) controlled room in Tower 100. He is a great imaginary chef, incredibly gullible, and first and foremost, always eager to please.

Dr. VaaCaam-a(Vah Calm Ah)

Dr. VaaCaam-a is the leader of The Fold, overshadowed only by the godlike being, The Great White Light.

Jack Javelin

Jett’s fraternal twin brother is as athletic as Jett is nerdy. Despite their differences, and the fact that this is “all Jack’s fault,” the brothers grow together as they face adversity throughout the series.

Craabic (Cray Bick)

Craabic is Tii-Eldii’s loyal watch-crab. Hulking at almost 3 meters tall, Craabic defends Tii-Eldii’s secret subterranean cave on Lanedaar 3 from wild pocket worms and any other creatures unfortunate enough to wander into the cave, as Jett accidentally discovers.

President Montoya

The President of the United States tasked with convincing the world to adopt the Ten Laws while being endlessly harassed by bush bunnies.

Jett Joseph Javelin Senior

Jett and Jack’s father and retired military psychologist.

Evelyn Javelin

Jett and Jack’s mother and theoretical physicist at Stanford University.


The last of the Eelshakian race and former commander of the Fifth Navy of Ookchorii. Readers may not have seen the last of him.

Abcde(Ab Sid Dee)

Also known as Cyd (Sid), Abcde will be appearing alongside Jett in The Tinker and The Fold 2. She is a strong, leather jacket-wearing, rough and tumble tomboy who’s always anxious to get into trouble.