Machines & Technology

Hazbog’s Ship

Eelshakian deep space science and conquest probe.

Neutralization Protocol

A technology developed by the Aaptuuans that prevents electronics from functioning. Used to contain civilizations which violate the Ten Laws and develop interstellar space travel.

Boonan Ark

Twelve of these interstellar spacecraft were built to escape the Boonan neutralization. Only one was known to survive. It is deep in a cave on Lanedaar 3 guarded by Craabic.

Resistomorphic Metal

An Aaptuuan developed metal designed to become harder as more pressure is applied. Primarily used to build space craft and support ‘cocooning’, the standard method of travel at hyper speed.

Aaptuuan Scout Ship

A silvery UFO that might be described as a ‘flying saucer’.

Quantum Swapper

Jett’s invention based on his mother’s theoretical papers of swapping quantum entangled particles in space time. This atomic teleporter is the device that attracts the attention of The Fold and results in Jett’s subsequent abduction and stint in Tower 100.