Species of Aliens

Pocket Worm

Giant worm used for transportation by Tii-Eldii & Jett

Gull Snake

Aerial predator on Lanedaar 3.


Carnivorous bouncing balls from Lanedaar 3 (and Tii-Eldii’s favorite snack)


The alien race responsible for enforcing The Fold’s laws across the Universe.

Domes (Dome-Ayes)

Assistants to the Aaptuuans. These are smaller and take on more of a blue or purple color.


A technologically advanced but ruthless species that had mastered interplanetary space travel. They have a lustful taste for flesh and will eat any creature they encounter, often keeping these creatures in enormous factory farms. Their wormhole drive triggers a neutralization that Jett witnesses while a stowaway aboard an Aaptuuan scout ship.


This broad group comprises several species in the series including bush bunnies, pocket worms, charlatones, rock crabs, and gull snakes. Nukii is from Lanedaar 3, the same planet where Tii-Eldii and Jett meet.


This vile race of electric eels destroyed itself (and its entire solar system) with the ultimate doomsday device – a black hole generator. Hazbog is the only survivor and lives in Tower 100 on Aaptuu 4.


Neutralized a century before the story in this book takes place, the Boonans have adapted to life without technology, living much like their ancestors did in the distant past. While the Boonans built twelve Arks in an attempt to save their technology from neutralization, only one made it passed the Aaptuuans. The surviving refugee, Tii-Eldii, would later save Jett’s life on Lanedaar 3.


The denizens of the Planet Earth as called by The Fold